Truth behind Valley man's radio confession revealed

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Man calls 3TV to fess up to hoax

UPDATE: The Phoenix man who called the KISS FM morning show informed 3TV today that it was all a hoax.

The man who identified himself as 'Carl' appologized for fabricating the story.

'Carl' said he felt mortified and embarassed by all of the attention the story has received.

3TV has notified area law enforcement to the developments so they can cease their investigations.

ORIGINAL: PHOENIX - A Phoenix man says he witnessed a murder and called in the confession to a Valley radio show.

It was a shocker on the popular John Jay and Rich Show Wednesday morning. Every Wednesday the radio twosome host a show called "Confession Wednesday" and received a call from a man, who claims that as a teenager in Cincinnati, he was a peripheral player in a cold-blooded killing.

The caller told the radio hosts, "They jumped him, tied him up.Everyone was like throwing eggs and stuff at him and burning him with cigarettes and just giving this guy back what he's been giving to us for all those years." He goes on to say, "And we're all standing there, because I just kind of was standing back with my friend watching all this stuff going on and laughing. Then at the end of it theyHe was all tied up they pushed him off the pier into the water."

Phoenix Police say they are in touch with KISS FM who are cooperating with detectives with this investigation.