Valley girl meets her service dog after community raises the funds

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Hope meets her new best friend

PHOENIX - A young Valley girl was in need of a service dog, but her family didn't have the money to get one.

Eventually they were able to raise the necessary funds.

Her wish for a friend and helper has finally came true.

Beth Maloney knows her daughter Hope may not be your typical six-year-old but she certainly likes to do things kids her age like to do.

Since Hope has cerebral palsy, getting around has always been difficult...that is, until now.

"Whatever she needs It will be a whole new world for me as well as for her," says Hope's mom, Beth Maloney.

"Everytime she goes to the bathroom she gets scared, so she calls mom and I have to drop whatever I'm doing," says Maloney.

"Now Jo-Jo can go with her instead of me."

Now, Hope has met Jo-Jo, her new service dog and new friend.

Thanks to the people at AZ Power Paws, the two were introduced for the first time.

It couldn't have come at a more needed time in her life.

"He's going to retrieve items for her," says AZ Power Paws Trainer Cynthia Abels.

"Get her walker for her when its out of her reach. And what?"< /p>

"Pick up my cup," Hope chimes in.

"And pick up her cup for her," Abels finishes.

Hope's mom is just glad to finally see the smile on her little girl's face.

Now, she can start to have some hope and faith of her own.

"It's amazing; she's been talking about it for days," says Beth Maloney.

Jo-Jo won't move into the home just yet.

Over the next few months, the two will go through special training together so Jo-Jo can provide the proper help and care for Hope.