What do animals do with snow? Winter in July at the Phoenix Zoo

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Chill with the animals! July 18, 7 a.m.-11 a.m.

Join us as we cool off the exhibits with snow and other 'cool' treats.

Winter in July at the Phoenix Zoo will feature piles and piles of snow for animals and Zoo visitors (including a separate toddler snow-play area) to help beat the summer heat. A variety of animals will also receive cool treats, such as frozen 'blood balls' of 'fishsicles' as part of a regular behavioral enrichment program to stimulate and engage the animals as the Zoo.

Other Winter in July activities include: snowball targets, water slides, live music, and Radio Disney with snow and cold treats for animals throughout the Zoo including orangutan, tigers, otters, rhinos, elephant and more! Also, learn more about how the Zoo keeps the animals active and stimulated.

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