Dealer who admits selling heroin to teens off the streets

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The following news release was sent by the Tempe Police Dept.:

TEMPE - The Tempe Police Department with the assistance of the Gilbert Police Department arrested a heroin dealer who sold narcotics to teens in the Gilbert area, some as young as 15 years old.

Christopher Fernandez, 21, of Gilbert, was arrested Jan. 14 on three counts of Sale of Narcotic Drugs. Following an approximately month-long investigation, he was arrested during a traffic stop in the area of 700 E. Sierra Madre in Gilbert.

Ongoing investigations led detectives to Fernandez, who sold heroin to undercover detectives on several occasions. After his arrest Fernandez admitted to police that he also sold to kids as young as 15 years old. He said he believes that someone has to make the money, so it may as well be him.

During the arrest, 1 gram of heroin and $300 was seized and an additional 4 grams of heroin, 7 grams of marijuana along with scales and other drug paraphernalia were seized at his residence.

After Fernandez was arrested, one of his suppliers was subsequently arrested in Mesa. Saul Miramontes, 20, was arrested on one count of Sale of Narcotic Drugs, two counts of Possession of Narcotic Drugs for Sale and one count of Forgery.

Investigation revealed that Miramontes also sold heroin to an undercover detective. Sixteen grams of heroin, 12 grams of cocaine, $900 and a Ford Explorer were seized from Miramontes during his arrest.

"This tireless investigation resulted in the arrests of two individuals who shamelessly sold drugs, which ended up in the hands of young people," said Tempe Police Cmdr. Kim Hale. "It's bad enough when drug dealers move into our communities and place our safety and quality of life at risk, but it's even more abominable when the crimes involve our youth."

Kim added, "Tempe narcotics detectives will continue to pursue narcotics dealers both inside and outside the city limits to help keep our citizens safe."