Monsters vs. Aliens: Ga ga for goggles!

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I've always been a freak for 3-D. I'll never forget getting my first red and blue paper specs and waiting for the paddleball scene in "The House of Wax" with the wonderful Vincent Price. Of course it was terrible but I was convinced it was the best movie experience ever! Sadly, it has taken years-decades to finally get the technology down to a real art. And let me tell you, I can't imagine it getting better than the visual feast that awaits you in " ."

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The latest animated movie from Dreamworks is also playing in 2-D but please make every effort to see it in 3-D. You have no idea what you are missing if you don't. As good as the movie is-and it is very good-you will simply miss out if you don't see it through those crazy Polaroid goggles!

The plot is simple enough and is kind of a loving homage to several 50's B movies: Attack of the 50 ft. Woman, The Blob, The Fly and every alien invasion flick. Once again, earth is invaded by aliens (well one in particular with a penchant for cloning himself) and when the military fails to thwart the advance, the monsters that have been sequestered by some black ops project are unleashed to do their worst. Such as it is.

But as incredible as this state of the art movie is, it is propelled by stellar performances from a well rounded cast of TV and movie stars. Not content to simply voice their parts, these actors really pumped life into full characterizations. I did not know who was in the cast when I went-other than Stephen Colbert (as a bird brained President) and they were not easily identifiable. But the movie boasts the likes of Reese Witherspoon as ordinary earth girl turned giant Ginormica, Seth Rogen as B.O.B the blob, Hugh Laurie as the human cockroach Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D., Will Arnett as The Missing Link, Kiefer Sutherland as General W.R. Monger and an incredibly fun Rainn Wilson as the evil alien invader Gallaxhar.

The movie is rated PG13 for mild material that might be offensive to some parents like a character yelling OMG but in my book this is perfect for kids, with lots of little gems just for us adults. In fact this is one kid movie that you don't need kids to hide behind to enjoy. It might be made for kids but no one will enjoy it more than you! Besides, you're going to look great in your goggles! ednp

Monsters vs. Aliens attacks 4 &1/2 Red Vines for being first class fun

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: I took my nephew and his two sons, ages 6 and 7 to see this movie in 3-D Imax. I don't know who enjoyed the movie more, the boys or their dad! Another critic and I noted how the kids were very quiet during this movie. Not bored by any means, simply enthralled! And don't leave before the credits are really done as there is more fun to be had. Plus, you gotta love a movie score that includes the B-52's "Planet Claire" as well as "The One-Eyed Purple People Eater"!