4-Year-old left home alone while drunk mom returns to day care

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MESA -- A Mesa mother is facing charges of child abuse and extreme DUI after allegedly leaving her 4-year-old daughter home alone, apparently having forgotten the little girl was there.

Mom reportedly admitted drinking

Police said Checkie Hessel, 33, was drunk when they arrested her Wednesday afternoon.

That arrest came after employees at Mesa's Tots Unlimited Day Care called the police. They said Hessel arrived to pick up her daughter. The problem was she had taken her daughter home more than three hours earlier.

One employee said Hessel appeared to be intoxicated.

Hessel reportedly admitted to police that she drank 1/2 pint of vodka. She reportedly said that she must have blacked out and forgotten that her little girl was at home.

According to police, Hessel said she had no memory of picking up her daughter or leaving her home by herself.

A neighbor found the girl. The 4-year-old was dirty and hungry, and was eating cheese and Ovaltine powder.

Hessel is now facing charges of child abuse, as well as extreme DUI.