ASU men's lacrosse season over due to alleged hazing

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Coach reacts to news

TEMPE - Arizona State University officials have put an end to the school's men's lacrosse season.

Lacrosse Magazine reports the suspension is the result of a hazing incident a few weeks ago. It was reportedly a party off campus where there was a lot of underage drinking going on.

3TV reached out to a number of people associated with the lacrosse team but so far no one is commenting.

The team's coach is quoted in Lacrosse Magazine saying, "He was stunned by the school's decision to suspend his 34-man team."

The magazine also quotes Coach Chris Malone saying, "The players understand they did something wrong. They made a mistake but I'm not sure if the punishment fits this situation."

The team cannot play and cannot practice until August. Then they will be on a two-year-probation period. It has been a club sport at ASU for 40 years and last season was their best ever.

The team can choose to appeal the university's suspension.