Chandler to build new City Hall despite budget problems

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CHANDLER - Chandler plans to go ahead with its project to build a new City Hall despite the city's growing budget deficit.

City Council members say using money set aside for the project to balance the budget would run counter to the fiscal discipline that allowed for the funds to be saved in the first place.

They say the new City Hall is key to stimulating private development and delaying its construction would make it more expensive.

Chandler is looking at a projected $19 million deficit for next fiscal year, which will mean possibly fewer services, more fees for residents and job losses for city employees.

The City Council cut several construction projects from this year's budget because there wasn't enough money to maintain the buildings even though there was money to build them.

The City Hall project is estimated to cost $74 million. The money to build it has come from impact fees, budget surpluses over the years and building revenue.