Warning after heat causes kids toy to catch on fire

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PHOENIX - There is a consumer warning about one of the hottest children's toys in the country.

3 On Your Side explains why the Water Bouncer may also be a fire hazard.

A Valley mother contacted us after she said the Water Bouncer burned a hole in the front seat of her truck.

Now, she also wants to get the word out that the Water Bouncer isn't all fun and games.

"Mom: they said all the kids at school have them!" Julie's son said.

Which is why Julie didn't think twice about buying the Water Bouncer for her children.

"It's got water and glitter in it, they're very popular," she said.

Julie left the ball on the front passenger seat of her truck when she and her family went to a park about two hours later.

"My daughter opened the front seat of the truck and started screaming smoke, smoke smoke!" she said.

Julie believes the ball acted as a magnifying glass beaming sunlight through the seat, creating a hole in her leather upholstery.

"The heat from it started the seat and the truck on fire," Julie said.

Julie poured water on the area that was smoking, but the damage to her seat was done.

She took the Water Bouncer back to Target where she bought it.

"She took all the balls off the shelf and said she'd call the company and get a recall on them," Julie said.

An inventory specialist at a one Phoenix Super-Target said the toy is no longer available at any of its stores nationwide.

But 3OYS did found a box full of them on the shelf a Valley Walmart.

We contacted the toy's manufacturer, Maui-Toys, which is based in California.

Owner Brian Kessler said after receiving about a handful of similar complaints the company is now attaching stickers to the Water Bouncer, warning that prolonged sun exposure should be avoided.

For Julie, she said that warning came too little too late.

"My concern is you set it on your couch in front of your window, you leave your home and the sun's shining in on it," she said. "The couch catches fire and you lose your whole house."

We should point out, so far no national recall has been issued and no one has been hurt while playing with this toy.