Mother arrested for leaving baby alone to go gamble

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Mom faces child abuse charge

UPDATE on 9/17: The County Attorney announced that criminal charges are being filed against Schwartzmann for allegedly leaving her 10-month-old at home while going to the casino with a friend.

She faces one count of child abuse and domestic violence offense.

ORIGINAL: MESA - A Valley mom is behind bars for leaving her baby home alone.

Police say the Mesa woman left her 10-month-old baby alone while she went gambling.

Ada Schwartzmann's neighbor, who is also a relative, noticed her car was missing Saturday morning. Fearing the car had been stolen, he went to Scwartzmann's apartment and unlocked the door. The infant was reportedly crying in a rocking swing.

Schwartzmann told police she left the baby home alone because she did not want to wake her up.