UPDATE: Obama makes it official: Napolitano for DHS

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UPDATE: Monday, Dec. 1

Napolitano accepts Obama's cabinet position

CHICAGO -- President-elect Barack Obama today announced he's chosen Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano to be secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Obama told a Chicago news conference that Napolitano has spent her career protecting people. He said she understands the need to protect against terror attacks and to respond to natural disasters -- and that she also understands as well as anyone the danger of unsecured borders.

Speaking at the same news conference, Napolitano says it's "diffcult to leave one job for another but one most go where one can best serve."

Napolitano's departure for Obama's Cabinet will put Secretary of State Jan Brewer in the governor's office, but apparently not before late January.

A spokeswoman says Napolitano will step down as governor once confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

A Senate vote can't happen until Obama is inaugurated Jan. 20.

Brewer to become governor in late January

The 51-year-old Napolitano -- a Democrat -- would be departing after six years as Arizona governor and midway through her second four-year term. She previously served as Arizona attorney general and U.S. attorney for Arizona.

The 64-year-old Brewer is a veteran public officeholder, with more than two decades as a legislator, a Maricopa County supervisor and secretary of state. She is a Republican.

Under Arizona's constitution, the secretary of state assumes the governor's office if that office becomes vacant.

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WASHINGTON - A Democratic official says President-elect Barack Obama plans to name his picks for U.N. ambassador, attorney general and homeland security secretary at a news conference Monday.

Obama has settled on Susan Rice, his campaign foreign policy adviser, for the U.N. post. For attorney general, the pick is Eric Holder, who helped run Obama's vice presidential search. At the Homeland Security Department, it's Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano.

Those names had been discussed before for those jobs. But a Democratic official said Sunday that Obama will make the three announcements official - along with Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state and members of national security team - Monday in Chicago.

The official spoke on a condition of anonymity because the announcements were not authorized for public release.