Building in Coolidge collapses, crushing cars

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Roof comes crashing down in Coolidge

COOLIDGE -- A large building has collapsed in Coolidge, AZ. The building is located near the intersection of Main and Central in Coolidge. It is believed to be the former Moon Shooters Bar.

3TV is told that the building has been vacant for years. Witnesses from across the street say they heard what sounded like an explosion, and then turned around and saw a cloud of dust billowing from the collapsed structure.

Photos sent in from 3TV viewer Audrey Lopez shows several cars trapped under the fallen structure. 7 cars were damaged in the incident.

Police report that no one is believed to have been injured in the collapse. But just to be sure search and rescue dogs were brought in.

The incident happened at 2:45pm Wednesday afternoon. No word on what might have caused the collapse.