Some license plate frames could soon be illegal

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PHOENIX -- If you have a cool license plate frame, you have two months to get rid of it.

Cannot obscure word Arizona

A state law that was changed in 2006 to regulate license plates goes into effect Jan. 1.

The law says that the word Arizona at the top of the plate must not be obscured.

That's bad news for drivers who have special license plate frames because many of them do block the word Arizona.

Once the law kicks in, officers will be able to pull you over and give you a ticket.

According to the Motor Vehicle Division said the new law is an effort to help law enforcement.

"With all the varieties of license plate that the state of Arizona has, in addition to all of these plates from across the nation who com here, law enforcement really needs to be assured of the state that the vehicle that they may consider a traffic stop for," said Cydney Demodica of MVD.

The law does not make license plate frames themselves illegal. You can still have one as long as it doesn't cover the word Arizona.