Board of Regents raising the cost of housing at state universities

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Hike depends on school

PHOENIX - Tuition was raised a short while ago at the state's universities and this time it's campus life that's getting more expensive.

Students should expect to pay more for housing starting this fall.

Exactly how much will depend on which school you are attending. The Board of Regents adopted a proposal essentially raising the rent students will pay at the states three universities. It comes on the heels of a 10 percent tuition hike making some students and parents wonder when the increases will stop.

Who is to blame doesn't matter anymore. The fact is Arizona university students will have to pay more to live on campus.

The Board of Regents adopted a proposal today which will raise rates by as low as 6 percent at ASU downtown and by nearly 12 percent at NAU in Flagstaff. It is a fact that college in Arizona is becoming more expensive, some are thinking perhaps too expensive.

Even scholarship students find the increased costs hard to swallow.

Students and their parents often make sacrifices to go to college, sacrifices like eating a healthy diet.

The changes will go into effect in time for the fall semester.