Hundreds celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. in Phoenix

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Hundreds celebrate MLK on Monday

PHOENIX - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has great importance every year, but especially this year with so many realizing that dreams can come true.

It was 1963 when Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech and now, as one person put it, "The dream is being realized as we speak."

That is the feeling in Phoenix where thousands celebrated one great African American leader on the eve of another's presidential inauguration.

For Valley fathers like Darryl Moore it means telling his son anything is possible and knowing that's the truth. He says, "Maybe one day he might be president.

He can go, do whatever he wants togo to college and not even worry about it."

Monday's celebration of civil rights, while focused on MLK, also featured Barrack Obama and not just in fashion.

The president elect agrees calling on all to follow Dr. King's lead celebrating today with community service.

Again while everyone celebrating acknowledges Barack Obama's historic accomplishment, they too realize there is still work to be done and are optimistic strides will be made.