Boy finds family cat cut in half

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TUCSON -- Sylvester the cat met a sad and violent end.

Young son found front of cat

"Half of him was over here and the rest of him was gone," says Andre, the child who found his 1 year old pet cut in half.

"I showed my dad and then I showed my brother and my mom was crying."

Someone had sliced Sylvester in half, just behind his front legs.

"Where the other half of him went, we have no idea."

The Johnston's are convinced this wasn't done by another animal. They say there was no fur around, or any signs of anything struggle.

The front half of the cat was undamaged, it was like he was just sitting there sleeping.

The sheriff's department is investigating Sylvester's death. A deputy told the family it's likely the cat was killed in another location and then brought back near to the family's home.

"We just have no idea why anyone would do that."

A cross now marks the spot where Sylvester rests. The children even did their homework with the cat, saying he would try and get the pen while they were writing.

"I just know that he was really funny and I liked him."