UPDATE: Boy pulled from complex pool still fighting to survive

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Mother near pool during drowning

PHOENIX - A Valley toddler is fighting for his life after nearly drowning in the pool.

azfamily.com's Marissa Wingate spoke with his father about what happened.

His 4-year-old son still has fluid in his lungs and if he awakes doctors are not sure if he will have brain damage or not.

Right now the father is just waiting. He was the one who gave his son CPR.

He tells 3TV he would say, "Just Isaiah talk to me...say something...come back. I just kept asking the Lord to bring him back that's all, that's all I can say and then the paramedics came and they took over and I just left it in the Lord's hands. That's all."

Isaiah Gent is now at Phoenix Children's Hospital. 3TV showed you the scene Tuesday afternoon when he nearly drowned in his apartment pool in Phoenix.

Isaiah's father tells us his son was swimming with his mother when she got distracted.

He describes what happened to 3TV, "She got a phone call and it was just no more than a minute or two and Isaiah was in one of those balloon donut floats and he floated away from his mom and slipped through the hole to the bottom of the pool."

Family members are not sure of Isaiah's prognosis and, in the meantime, the family car is broken down so the father cannot get back and forth to the hospital.

He is relying on his wife to constantly keep him informed.