Glendale hopes big game means big business

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Local businesses hope to see green

GLENDALE - Glendale always hopes a big game will mean big business but when the city hosted the Super Bowl less than a year ago, the financial returns for local businesses were somewhat disappointing.

Will things be different this time around?You've probably heard by now that the Arizona Cardinals are one game away from going to the Super Bowl!

One look around the City of Glendale and it is impossible to miss the excitement surrounding the hometown team.

From the signs near the stadium to those outside, many local businesses and residents are seeing red.

Pittsburg native Greg Calloway, owner of the Azure Caf in downtown Glendale is hoping to see plenty of green, as in money, this weekend when the Cardinals face off against the Eagles.

About 70,000 people are expected to pack the University of Phoenix Stadium, including many Philadelphia Eagles fans.

City officials expect the sold out NFC championship game will bring a much-needed boost to the local economy. For Calloway, it is a win-win situation.