MCSO captain fined for campaign contribution to anti-Saban ad

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Fox wants judge to dismiss $315K fine

PHOENIX - One of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's high-ranking captains appeared in court on Wednesday.

Capt. Joel Fox is accused of making an illegal campaign contribution to the Arizona Republican Party last October.

He asked a judge to drop a fine against him when he appeared in court. A group called the Sheriff's Command Association contributed $105,000 from private donors.

Fox wrote the check, which was then used in an attack ad favoring Arpaio. Fox refuses to name those private donors because he says he does not want them to pay for his bad decision.

He tells 3TV, "They'll suffer because their names are going to be associated with those commercials when they shouldn't be. They had no idea about any of that stuff."

Fox also wants the judge to dismiss his $315,000 fine. The judge will decide whether to grant that request at a hearing scheduled for March 31.