Budget battle continues; Special session planned

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PHOENIX - There is no end in sight to all the drama and the frustration at the Arizona State Capitol.


Drama continues with budget at State Capitol - azfamily.com's Tyler Baldwin reports Gov. Jan Brewer is calling for a special session after she line-item-vetoed several things on the budget handed to her Wednesday morning.

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On Wednesday night the governor called for a special session after she line-item-vetoed several things on the budget that was handed to her Wednesday morning including $4 billion dollars for education.

Lawmakers at the House and Senate sent up a budget that did not have the flat tax rate that was talked about this week. It also did not have the temporary sales tax increase that Gov. Brewer had fought for. She is dissatisfied with cuts to education, health services and public safety and used her veto power to eliminate certain aspects of this new budget.

Then she called for a special session. She wants lawmakers back at the Capitol on Monday.

Republican and democrat legislators agree that if the votes were not there for a sales tax increase before 4th of July, they are not going to suddenly appear after the holiday weekend.

Nevertheless, lawmakers will have to hammer out something soon. Gov. Brewer's vetoes have stripped K-12 education of its near $4 billion dollar budget.

State Treasurer Dean Martin says the state needs to figure something out by the 15. That is when the next payment is due to our schools.

Lawmakers also say it is strange to call for a special session without first trying to compromise with legislative leaders.