Pres. Obama's inauguration makes U.S. history

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Historic day in United States

PHOENIX - Arizona had a lot of representation at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington.

Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor attended Barack Obama's inauguration as president.

The Arizona native joined her former colleagues on the nation's high court on the reviewing stand as Obama prepared to take the oath of office on Tuesday.

Phoenix police and Arizona Department of Public safety officers are helping provide security in Washington for Tuesday's presidential inauguration.

The Arizona contingent includes 75 Phoenix officers and 60 DPS officers.

The officers are expected to be used for crowd-control activities.

The Phoenix officers were pulled from the gang and tactical training units. The DPS officers include explosives technicians.

Governor Janet Napolitano was also in attendance and seen sitting on the stage directly behind President Obama.

She was confirmed as the next U.S. homeland security secretary.

Napolitano is expected to attend the Inaugural Ball Tuesday evening.