Doing your holiday shopping online could save you money

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PHOENIX -- Black Friday shopping isn't for everyone. So if you're one of those people who didn't want to fight the crowds today, you still have a chance to take advantage of those holiday shopping discounts in the cyber world.

Cyber deals

"I don't have a lot of time, being a business owner, mom and a wife," Lila Metcalf said. "I don't have time to be in the malls."

"Anytime I can skip the whole parking adventure during the holidays I'm definitely into it," Jaime Brown said.

Brown and Metcalf are looking for those holiday sales but are not willing to fight all the crowds, so taking advantage of Cyber Monday Dec. 1 is at the top of their lists.

"Cyber Monday is the ceremonially kickoff to online shopping," Helen Malani said. "Just like you have Black Friday in the actual retail stores, Cyber Monday is relatively a new phenomenon, but it has gotten really popular with consumers because they've learned that they can start getting real deals."

Malani is an online shopping expert with

"Approximately 58 million people are expected to log on or around this time," Malani said. "It's not actually the busiest online shopping day, that usually happens two weeks prior to Christmas, but it's one of the most trafficked online days."

To help people navigate to the best savings, Malani has a couple of shopping tips for online survival during the holidays.

The first one is making the choice to turn on your computer.

"You're saving gas price money," Malani said. "You're often saving money from the malls. When you go to the mall you buy food and maybe parking fees, maybe even babysitters if you leave your kids at home. So just by signing on your computer you've probably saved a good $10."

The next tip is go to a site like to help you find the best price for that special gift.

"What we do is the homework and the legwork for you," Malani said. "So instead of going from store to store or mall to mall, we actually give you side-by-side price comparisons, but also the rating of the actual merchant."

Another great way to save money is stores' coupons or promotional codes.

"In fact, you just need to go to Google and type in the vendor's name and coupon code or promotional codes and then Google will find that for you," she said.

Free shipping is another big draw and if you want to save even more on your holiday purchase, there are sites called PriceProtectr sites.

"Once you've purchased something it's nice to know that a day later something is not going to go on sale and you could have bought it for less," Malani said. "So if you're registered at a PriceProtectr site, they will inform you and then you have the option to take it back and get a lower price."

These tips will definitely come in handy for Brown and Metcalf. Not only will holiday shopping online be less stressful, it will also save them a few extra dollars.

"I think once you've done it a couple of times it becomes easier than going out and shopping at stores," Brown said.

"We're already saving gas money, you're saving tax in most situations, and it's a beautiful thing," Metcalf said.

Some other sites to help you find the discounts this Monday are and