McCain accepts GOP presidential nomination at RNC

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McCain accepts presidential nomination

ST. PAUL - John McCain is urging supporters to "Fight for what's right for our country."

McCain, who accepted the GOP's presidential nomination, promised to work against "constant partisan rancor" while reaching across party lines.

McCain made only a passing reference to an unpopular President Bush.

In an apparent appeal to Democrats and independents, there was criticism of Democrats and Republicans in the nearly hour-long address. The Arizona lawmaker said those elected to change

Washington allowed it to change them. He also said he doesn't work for a party or a special interest, but for the people.

McCain complimented rival Barack Obama for winning the Democratic nomination, but offered a long list of criticisms of the Illinois senator.

McCain said he will keep taxes low and cut them where he can. He said Obama will raise them. He also said Obama will increase, not cut, government spending.