2 Injured after car plows into Valley bus stop

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RAW: Car slams into occupied bus stop

PHOENIX - A bus stop crash in Phoenix was caught on tape.

The video is graphic, but the people involved survived. The footage shows a man and a woman sitting at the bus stop when a car comes crashing into the picture.

3TV still does not know what caused the driver of the car to come flying off the road and into the bus stop Monday afternoon near 7th Street and Roeser.

The man and the woman got pinned against the back of the bus stop. The man fought his way out and the woman was not freed until a bystander came to the rescue and pushed the car away.

From the video 3TV shot just moments after the wreck you can see the kind of impact the car had on the metal bus stop. You can also see the kind of impact of emotional toll the crash has on the driver.

The man who pushed the car away and freed the pinned victims tells 3TV he did not know what to do. He just knew he had to do something.