Serial shooter suspect says shell casings were placed in his car

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PHOENIX -- The main suspect in the Phoenix area's Serial Shooter case was back on the stand Monday.

The main suspect in the Phoenix area's Serial Shooter case says shell casings found in his car must have been placed there by a second man accused in the crimes.

The casings matched casings found at the scenes of several crimes linked to the police's Serial Shooter investigation.

Dale Hausner is being tried on eight counts of murder in the crime spree and is now in his fifth day of testifying in the case.

He told a prosecutor Monday that Sam Dieteman placed the casings in his car, even though the two met after some of the crimes had occurred.

Dieteman has already pleaded guilty in two killings in the case and has testified against Hausner.

Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against Hausner if he's convicted.

Hausner, 34, testified four days last week, answering questions from his own attorney and the prosecution.

In those four days, Hausner denied involvement in the attacks that left eight dead and injured others and offered various alibis for when they occurred.

But Hausner also admitted to some inconsistencies in his accounts to investigators.

Prosecutors say Hausner randomly attacked people and animals from his car in a conspiracy that sometimes included his brother, Jeff, and his roommate, Sam Dieteman.

Hausner is expected to finish testifying Monday or Tuesday.

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