Renters in good standing victims of foreclosure

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PHOENIX - A Valley apartment complex was seized by the bank in a foreclosure that caught tenants by surprise.

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Now they are left wondering if and when they will have to move and who is in charge.

Tenants current on rent have still become victims in the foreclosure crisis. Meanwhile the complex is in a transition phase. The new managers are not in place and conditions are deteriorating fast at the Villa Serena Apartments near 19th Avenue and Glendale. Tenants are dripping with sweat and struggling without air conditioning. Indoor temperatures are in the extreme heat surging far passed 90 degrees.

That is one of many maintenance issues piling up as a result of the complex going into foreclosure. The bank is now in charge and tenants say they have been left in the dark.

Alysha Abbott was the manager until last week when bank reps showed up at her doorstep. She had been living rent-free as payment for her managerial duties. New management is on its way but, in the meantime, no maintenance work is being done.

Apartments are left with half-finished repair jobs and dangerous electrical problems.

They are also left with a lot of problems and a lot of questions but no answers from the bank.

Some of the tenants are not waiting for answers. They are already looking for new homes. The bank Wachovia contacted 3TV and said they have just taken over and say they are acting in good faith as quickly as possible.