Protesters march from the Sheriff's office to Tent City

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Strong messages from protestors across the Valley

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PHOENIX - A protest rally is planned Saturday outside Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office at the Wells Fargo building.

The protest starts there then the crowd will walk about 7 miles to tent city.

An anti-Arpaio event in February drew a crowd of thousands downtown and Friday's march is expected to draw at least that many people.

Just like February's event, demonstrators will walk the streets to protest Arpaio's immigration sweeps and his use of the 287(g) agreement he has with federal authorities, which allows him to enforce federal immigration laws.

In response to the planned protest, the sheriff put all jails on a security override Saturday and they will not have any visiting hours.

On Friday, the sheriff ordered all inmates to strip down to their pink boxers, having their belongings searched to make sure they did not have any contraband that could be used as a weapon.

Arpaio says he is concerned that a crowd of protestors outside the jails could cause a riot inside.

"Why do they have to come to the jail? These are prisoners!" says Arpaio.

"This is a security issue! Do you really think if 3,000 people were in front of the White House they would say, 'oh, come on down we don't need any more secret service?"

The sheriff's office says he has closed all jail access roads to prevent security issues.