Cat gives birth in Valley family's attic

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MESA -- There was quite a commotion for an East Valley family recently. They thought a bird or wild animal had gotten up into their attic, but when firefighters arrived they got quite a surprise.

Homeowners discover cat who gave birth in attic

The Helfand family in Dobson Ranch wasn't sure what was making all that racket above their kitchen, but they know now and they have four more mouths to feed.

"We discovered a baby crying in the middle of the night," Elisabeth Helfand said. "We couldn't figure out where it was coming from."

But it wasn't a baby at all. A cat somehow found its way into their attic and while up there, had four kittens.

Helfand's husband called the fire department, not sure what they'd find in the soffit above their kitchen.

"They came and they cut open a hole, put the infrared light in, and found four kittens and a mama," Helfand said.

There's just one problem. While firefighters were able to pull out the kittens and their mother, the cat keeps finding her way right back into the family's ceiling.

"We have a dog and she knows the dog lives here, so she's very leery to come down," Helfand said.

Until she does, the Helfands will continue to feed the kittens until they can be adopted out.

The family says they'd never seen the cat before firefighters pulled it out of their ceiling so they're not sure who the owner is. They say they'll try to find the owner just as soon as the kittens are a little older.