Tempe police cracking down on traffic violations along light rail

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TEMPE - The following is a press release from the Tempe Police Department:

Next Wednesday July 29, 2009 the Tempe Police Department's Traffic Bureau will be cracking down on traffic violations along the METRO light rail line.This enforcement campaign stems from recent collisions where drivers have disregarded traffic signals and collided with the light rail cars as well as complaints generated by citizens.

Some of the most common violations that are seen along the line are:

  • Vehicles failing to stop for red lights
  • Vehicles making hazardous u-turns in front of the trains
  • Vehicles stopping on the light rail tracks
  • Vehicles driving through crossings against the crossing arms and flashing signals

The focus of the campaign is to increase safety for motor vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles traveling along the light rail line.Drivers continue to disregard traffic signals around the trains which creates a very dangerous situation for themselves as well as the passengers on the train.The Tempe Police Department wants to make sure that people are not taking unnecessary risks when it comes to their safety.

As public safety is our number one concern, the Tempe Police Department would like to remind the public to stay aware as they drive along the light rail line and traverse the light rail tracks.The few extra seconds you take to make sure you are following the traffic signal and signage can pay huge dividends in the long run.

Apart from the obvious risk of vehicle or physical damage that may occur from a collision with a light rail, those who violate the traffic laws may feel the impact financially as well as the fines for these violations range from $70 to $171.