Shoplifting suspects rob Wal-Mart customers at knifepoint

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PHOENIX -- Two suspects are in custody and two more are on the loose after an early morning robbery at a Phoenix Wal-Mart.

2 customers robbed at knifepoint

It happened Thursday at 51st Avenue and Indian School Road.

Police said eight people pulled up to the store in Chevy Tahoe. Four went inside the store while the others waited in the vehicle.

Police said two of the people started shoplifting while the other two surrounded the customers, held them at knifepoint and robbed them. One of the suspects allegedly groped a female customer, as well, investigators said.

All four suspects ran out of the Wal-Mart and jumped into the waiting SUV.

When a security guard confronted the suspects, police said the men jumped out of the vehicle and started swinging bats at him.

A helicopter search spotted several of the men getting out of the SUV in a nearby neighborhood.

Police caught up with those six people and interviewed them.

After a time, victims and witnesses identified two of the people as being involved in the crimes inside the store, said Sgt. Michelle Thiry of the Phoenix Police Department.

Those two people were taken into custody. The other two suspects from inside the store are still on the loose.

No information about those other suspects was immediately available.

No serious injuries were reported.