Valley woman target of employment scam

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PHOENIX -- Con artists are back and this time they're targeting the unemployed.

Just when you think things can't get worse, they do.

Let's face it, being unemployed stinks and sometimes people get desperate. Scam artists know this and when they realize how desperate you are, they'll move in for the kill.

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Out of work and nearly out of money Tammy Hamrick spends her days on her computer looking for a job.

"Well, I get on the Internet and send out 10 to 20 rsums a day," she said.

And things looked promising recently when she was on the Web site Craigslist and stumbled upon a company hiring for data entry.

"And this one was for data entry, work at home, which is great because I have kids and I could stay at home and make money," Hamrick said.

It wasn't just any company. The position advertised was reportedly for Dell, the computer manufacturer. And according to the ad, Hamrick would earn $25 an hour for the at-home job.

Using instant messaging, Hamrick says she interviewed with someone claiming to be with Dell. In fact, in a transcript the manager told Hamrick she "passed the interview." All he wanted was her checking account number and her savings account number so her wages could be direct deposited.

"I'm like, ah, I don't think so," Hamrick said. "Now I knew it was a joke."

Hamrick knew right away the guy on the other end was not a Dell employee and if she had given out her bank information, her accounts would have been drained.

"Just be smart," Hamrick advised. "Don't ever give personal information out like that."

By the way, Dell confirms that this was a scam and they tell 3 On Your Side they are investigating.

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