Cut your grocery bill at Mesa store

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PHOENIX -- Looking for ways to cut your grocery bill in half? You can do it without ever using a coupon.

American Discount Foods 308 S. Extension Road Suite #108 Mesa 480-649-4495

We've done this story before and it's probably one of the most popular 3 On Your Side reports.

What's all the excitement about? Try $1.69 per pound on ground beef, packages of name-brand lunch meats for only $1.99, Gatorade four for $1, and loaves of bread for 79 cents.

"It's like food heaven and this is going to be the place I shop at from now on," Gray said.

The owner of American Discount Foods says since the last time his store was profiled on 3 On Your Side, he has doubled his retail space.

And because they're celebrating their 11th anniversary, they've also doubled the discounts.

Basically, we put a lot of things on sale that are already good prices," Jon Dekkers said. "You'll see tons of stuff around the store for 11 cents -- things that should be $1 or $2. We've got items that should be $8 that are now $2."

You heard right. He said 11 cents. Among some of those 11-cent deals are candy bars. Or if you're looking for something more healthy, nutrition bars are just 11 cents.

Eggs are $2.49 for two-and-a-half dozen and the deals just go on and on.

They even have an entire produce area stocked with everything you could imagine with savings that are unimaginable.

"It's anywhere from 50 to 90 percent off in the produce group," Dekkers said.

Dekkers said he can sell items this cheap because he buys things that grocery stores and restaurants can't.

For example, items that may be dented or brands that recently changed their look and have a new label. Also, food that is nearing an expiration date but is nowhere near expired. And it's not just food. They have restaurant-quality dishware, too.

"I fell in love with it right away," shopper Cheri Billingsley said.

People like Billingsley have been coming here for years and claim the deals just get better.

"I can get a tremendous amount of groceries at a vastly reduced rate," she said.

I think it's important to note that American Discount Foods has received an "A-Plus" rating from the Health Department during its last five health inspections so the place is clean.