Large turnout for rally in support of Palestinians

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Other protests planned for coming weeks

PHOENIX - The fighting in the Middle East is making news in Arizona tonight.

The fighting is going on a half a world away, but it's stirring up a lot of emotions right here in the Valley.

Israel continued their attack today-- hitting more than 70 targets.

As the Israeli air and ground assault continued in Gaza, Palestinian supporters here took to the street.

The view from NewsChopper 3 showed the real size of the Palestinian rally on Washington Street.

It was a larger than expected crowd.

With the Palestinian death toll now approaching 800, the number of wounded over 3,000, demonstrators say the people were compelled to come.

"They are really overwhelmed by what is going on in Gaza," Mohammad Riyad said. "Everybody is angry everybody is outraged by the attack of terror committed by Israel on our people in the Gaza strip."

Last week News Channel 3 was there as more than a thousand people united in support of Israel.

Among them was Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.

As a political figure head, his presence upset many of those here at this rally.

Demonstrators say more rallies like this are being planned for next week.

"I think its horrible," Katrina Odeh said. "Both sides there have always been conflict and both sides are at fault for some things but this thing was an obvious attack."

3TV tried to contact someone with the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix, but they were unavailable.

Thirteen Israelis have been killed in the contact, ten of them soldiers.