Inmates bring abused dog back to good health

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PHOENIX - Inmates bring a dog rescued from his owner back in April back to health.

The Sheriff's Animal Cruelty investagators responded to a call in Queen Creek last April and removed Duke the dog from his owner William White.

The adult Irish Wolfhound and Sheepdog mix because the dog only weighed one-fourth of his natural body weight. Duke was also covered in ticks and skin torn near the hips because the dog was so skinny.

After being treated by veterinarians, Duke was brought to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Animal Safehouse at the First Avenue Jail.

There the female inmates nursed the dog back to health.

Today Duke has fully recovered and goes by the name Shamus.

Shamus gets along with other dogs, is housebroken and weighs about 120 pounds.

Inmates say his only bad habit is drinking water from the toilet.

Shamus will be available for adoption in about two weeks at

White was convicted to 12 days in jail and can not own any animals for the next 18 months while on probation.