Harlem Globetrotter arrested for domestic violence in Tucson

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Fans shocked

TUCSON -- Eugene Edgerson rose to fame at the University of Arizona, eventually turning his basketball skills and lovable personality into a career with the Harlem Globetrotters. Fans are shocked to hear of his arrest on domestic violence allegations.

Known for his big hair, big smile and even bigger heart, Globetrotter and former Wildcat Edgerson is a fan favorite. News of his arrest on domestic violence charges were hard to believe.

"He's the last person that I would expect that from," says Brittney Butler, a teacher in Tucson.

Justin Honea agrees. "It's kind of sad. Domestic violence is a big problem in America. A role model like him, a lot of people look up to him."

Edgerson was arrested Wednesday night at his home in southwest Tucson. Deputies say his wife called 911.

"They were just outside the residence when they hear the woman scream," says Deputy Dawn Barkman.

Edgerson's wife told deputies he pulled her hair. The basketball player admitted the couple was arguing but said nothing physical happened.

"In this particular case the woman, her hair was in disarray, looked like it had been pulled," Barkman said. "That gave a little bit more credibility to her statement."

Edgerson spent the night behind bars, charged with domestic violence assault.

People speaking out on the charges say there are always two sides to a story.

Tamaron Wright puts it, "I think that unless we were there we don't know what really happened. Maybe he was defending himself."

Corey Williams, a former teammate and close friend, wished Edgerson and his family the best.

"Gene is one of the greatest people I've ever met," Williams said. "He's a giving person. What he's done in the community and what he does with the travels and he dedicates his time and effort and cares about people. It's an unfortunate situation and I just want to wish him and his family the best."