Some getting free rides thanks to bus fare-box glitches

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PHOENIX -- Mechanical glitches with relatively new fare boxes on some 800 Valley buses are letting some people ride for free.

Trouble goes back nearly a year

The new boxes went in last December, and have been experiencing problems ever since.

Some of the issues include rejecting dollar bills, bills jamming, screens freezing and passes not printing.

According to Jeff Dolfini, the city's public transit director, the software for the $12 million system is the source of most of the trouble.

Not only have the box glitches caused travel problems and delays in several Valley cities, they're also costing Valley Metro money.

It's not clear yet how much money the transit authority has lost, but according to Dolfini, it might be less than $1 million.

The new fare boxes were put into service on Dec. 1, when Valley Metro launched its new fare structure.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.