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Terminator Salvation shoots down 3 Red Vines for being okay but not great

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Angels and Demons, Night at the Museum, Terminator: Salvation - Flick Chick Vique Rojas reviews "Angels and Demons," "Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian" and "Terminator: Salvation."

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I've seen "The Terminator" and its first sequel "Judgment Day" but confess I was too weary of the franchise to bother with the third installment "Rise of the Machines". So I think it's a pretty fair assessment to say that I am far from a fan girl. But even I knew enough about the franchise timeline to shake my head a little when I saw " ".

Taking a cue from more recent sci-fi hits like "Children of Men", this time around we are in the chroma challenged post apocalyptic future where machines rule the world and only pockets of humans either hide or fight with the resistance. It's a world where familiar hero John Connor is not quite the leader of the resistance yet but an active participant who fights by day and secretly listens to tapes his mother left him to keep him one step ahead of the ruthless robots. We learn that the machines have decided to perform a pre-emptive strike this time around, not targeting him as a child but instead choosing to eliminate his father, Kyle Reese who himself is still a child. What? Huh? Confused yet? But wait there's more!

Enter a man who 17 years earlier was put to death for murder. But before he's given his lethal injection, he signs his life over to science. He comes into consciousness to a strange world and boom he's on the run. All those years in a cryogenic state-or whatever he was in, has not done anything to improve his personality as he is still as hateful as ever when he runs across two kids who show him the ropes on how to stay alive in this strange new world. One of those kids just happens to be Kyle Reese.

When the machines kidnap the kids, the man, Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), suddenly shows a change of heart or a heart altogether and makes it his mission to go to Skynet headquarters to rescue them. Along the way he meets up with beautiful resistance fighter Blair Williams (Moon Bloodgood) who brings him into the fold.

The movie has a gritty, grainy feel to it which gives it a great style although it is nothing we haven't seen before. At the same time, when we get into Skynet headquarters there is plenty of techy coolness that will appeal to those folks who gravitate to that sort of thing.

The funny thing is that everyone knows this is a Christian Bale movie, right? Well he might be the big star with the top billing but guess what? This is not his movie! Relative newcomer Sam Worthington as the mystery man is the real star. He gives a great performance and let me tell you ladies, this man is space age eye candy for sure! His performance and some very jaw dropping moments are the only reasons to see this movie.

I liked Blair Williams as well and Bryce Dallas Howard as John Conner's wife Kate, looked so normal I didn't even recognize her! It's a mystery to me why venerable veteran Jane Alexander was even in this movie as her part was absolutely miniscule.

But one of my biggest problems with this movie is totally personal. The first time we see John Conner he is in full fight mode and screaming. I could not help but find Christian Bale's rant almost indistinguishable from his infamous behind-the-scenes tirade captured on the set while filming this movie. I'm sorry but he has kinda been ruined for me now. I don't know if I'll ever be able to wipe that obnoxious behavior from my mind.

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: Okay the guy I went with loved this movie! Also, here is a fascinating tidbit for you. The guy playing Kyle Reese is Anton Yelchin. Does the name sound familiar? You might not know it by heart yet but you will. He is none other than the new " Star Trek's" Chekov!

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