UPDATE: Man pleads not guilty to shooting store clerk while kids watch

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PHOENIX -- The man accused of killing a convenience store clerk with his two children by his side had a court hearing Wednesday morning.

Jermaine Canada, 27, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and weapons misconduct.


PHOENIX -- Police have arrested the suspect in the deadly shooting of a convenience store clerk, a crime investigators say two children witnessed and the surveillance video shows.

Surveillance video identified suspect

It happened shortly before 2 a.m., at the 7-11 store near 26th and Glendale avenues.

Police said Jermaine Canada allegedly walked into the convenience store, shot Inder Jayssal, the 62-year-old Indian clerk, at point-blank range, and left.

Surveillance tape shows Canada was holding a boy who appeared to be about 2 in his arms and another little boy, 6, was walking behind him.

The entire thing was caught on surveillance video. After releasing surveillance photos of the suspect late Monday morning, officers found Canada, 27, and took him into custody.

Police said that according to the video, Canada and Jayssal appeared to have a short conversation, but Canada was only inside the convenience store for a very short time before allegedly pulling out a handgun and firing.

"There was a verbal interaction between them, like a conversation, but no kind of fight or anything like that," said Det. Stacie Derge of the Phoenix Police Department.

While investigators do not believe robbery was the motive because the suspect did not take anything, they do not know what was behind the shooting.

"We really don't know what the motive was," Derge said.

The suspect left the store with the two kids, neither of whom appeared to have been harmed, immediately after the shooting.

Detectives are talking to Canada, and said he will be charged with first-degree murder.

Police said the children were not with him when he was taken into custody. They are now with their mother, Derge said.

Documents show Canada was released from prison in December after serving time on weapons charges.