Thousands protest higher taxes at State Capitol

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Thousands at AZ Capitol 'tea party'

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PHOENIX - Demonstrators gathered at the State Capitol for a "Tea Party."

That was the second gathering in the Valley on tax day. Protesters expect thousands of people at the demonstration.

Some people are dressed up like our founding fathers, others were armed with signs and posters in protest of the President and the governor and the idea of paying higher taxes.

They say the message is clear: Stop the Bailouts, stop government growth and stop taxing the hard working people of Arizona.

Kristina Toddy, one protestor, tells 3TV, "I'm upset about taxes, upset about spending the bailoutI'm tired of all of it and I think it's out of control."

Tom Jenne, from Americans for Prosperity, admits, "I think we've reached a tipping point in America and you'll see a lot more of this protest activity."

The event was getting underway at about 5 p.m. at the State Capitol where voters are threatening change if lawmakers do not resist higher taxes.