Eco-friendly Valley businesses strive to be 'Green'

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"All of our cabinets are made of a pre-consumer recyclable partial fibers," says Dr. Bicky Tran, with Simply Dentistry. She says "The paper stone counter tops is made out of recycled paper, very durable and if you touch it, it actually feels like a piece of paper."

Tran adds, "We have our dual flush toilet to conserve waterour patient's favorite feature." She is like a lot of business owners who are trying to make their companies more eco-friendly. She explains, "It creates a warm energy and it just feels good whether or not people actually know it's green, it still feels good."

Dr. Tran did a lot of research before opening up her place more than a year ago. To help jumpstart her green office she called on a-k-a Green in Scottsdale.

Jeff Frost, the owner of a-k-a Green tells 3TV, "Bicky's project is a good example of someone saying this is the commitment and I want to make it and I'm going to demonstrate it and put my foot down."

It is a place that provides eco-friendly building materials plus green design and consulting services. Frost explains, "I think what it is, it's us coming back to making smart home and business decisions. It's about if I'm going to invest in something I want to know it's going to pay me back over the course of time." There are all kinds of things business owners can do to be more environmentally friendly from the carpet to paint with no volatile organic compounds to insulation made from blue jeans.

Frost says, "There's a local company here called Bonded Logic that makes a recycled blue jean or denim insulationwhich has the same performance value as regular bad insulation, actually it outperforms acoustically, flame retardant, pest retardant all the kind of good stuff we want out of denim."

Another fun product to consider is a recycled money countertop. And speaking of green Dr. Tran liked spending her money with local environmental companies to help with the Valley's economy. She says, "I think there's a lot of ways to go green. It's not just about using the materials. It's also supporting your local community."

Just because you want to go green doesn't necessarily mean it has to break the bank account. Dr. Tran explains, "There's a lot of little things you can do to be green. It doesn't have to cost more money, but in the end will save you more. It's basic living. It's being healthy. It's conserving what we have."

Dr. Tran also went green when it came to her dental equipment from tooth brushes to digital X-rays.

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