3TV talks to 'King of Pop Art' who has masterpieces on display at Valley mall

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Pop Artist Romero Britto chats with 3TV

"Each piece is a story. If I'm going to do smaller drawings, it doesn't take that long. If it's going to be a very large sculpture it takes time," explains Pop Artist Romero Britto.

From small to big Britto's works of art can be seen everywhere, in museums around the world to celebrity homes from California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver to tennis great Andr Agassi and now here at Christown Spectrum Mall.

"This oneI had an exhibition many years ago in New York and I went to celebrate in this restaurant called Boom in Soho and I ate such a great fish that I thought, 'Wow I should do a painting about this food and dish' and I called it the "Boom Fish."

All it took was a simple act of eating to get Romero's creative juices flowing. He tells 3TV, "I do paintings about my garden, my family, a chair that I like or a travel that I made and I saw something and l love it."

Romero's love for art started as a small child growing up in Brazil, but it was not the first thing he wanted to pursue as he got older. He admits, "My dream was about being an ambassador of Brazil but I realized it wasn't for me and that I should just focus on my art."

It was then after moving to Miami in the late 1980s that Romero's colorful art career took off. "I always say that my art took me to so many places and people that I never dreamed about."< /p>

Some of his biggest projects to date include being a part of Super Bowl XLII and constructing a 45-foot pyramid sculpture at London's Hyde Park. Romero says, "I want my art to be enjoyed by millions of people, I don't want my art to be just for the elite of the arts."

That is why Britto says it is so important for kids to be a part of his creative process. He started his own foundation to lend his time, resources and talent to not only children but organizations around the world. "I always liked painting and I think art can be so stimulating for kids. People sometimes think art is only for artists, but I think art is very good way to promote the idea of being creative, evolving and be able to think differently and dream."

As for what the pop artist has in store for the future? He admits, "I want to keep painting until my last breath."

Romero's sculptures will be at Christown Spectrum Mall until March 8. For more information, log on to the following websites.