Double-shooting at jewelry store, owner vs. suspects

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Picked the wrong store to mess with

PHOENIX - Two suspected robbers picked the wrong shop to mess with on Monday.

They are both in the hospital after a jewelry store owner took the safety of his business into his own hands.

The attempted robbery happened at a strip mall near 32nd Street and Bell.

Police say two men, identified as 24-year-old Gregory Mills and 27-year-old Jason Buckingham, walked into D Jewelers Monday afternoon and tried to rob the place. After they pepper-sprayed the store owner in his face, he was still able to pull out a gun and shoot at the robbers. The owner, a 61-year-old man, then held them at gunpoint until police and paramedics arrived.

That store owner is still inside his jewelry shop being interviewed by detectives while he recovers from being pepper-sprayed.

Det. Cindy Scott with Phoenix Police tells 3TV, "Obviously the owner was in fear for his life. We're fortunate it turned out as well as it did for the victim."

Mills received a minor injury, was released from the hospital and has been booked into jail while Buckingham is still in the hospital but is expected to be released and booked as well on Tuesday. Both men face burglary, aggravated assault and attempted robbery charges.