Health insurance company not such a sweet deal

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PHOENIX - A Valley man thought it would be easy to get a refund from his health insurance carrier, but it wasn't.

You'll like the service or we'll give you your money back.

James Sugden recently retired and because of that, James said finding health insurance for his wife is a necessity.

"Right now I'm on Medicare, so I'm covered but my wife has nothing," Sugden said.

So, James said he started shopping around for affordable health insurance and came across a company by the name of Healthcare One.

"I went and I saw this program on TV and I said, well, that sounds like it might be reasonable," he said.

James said he decided to sign up for Healthcare One's insurance plan.

The process he said was easy, and the plan was very affordable.

"$50 enrollment fee and $89 a month, and you signed up right on the phone," he said.

But after enrolling, James said he realized that he wasn't saving any money at all using the plan.

"I would have to pay $75 under this plan for an office visit," James said. "It's $50 for a person without insurance."

James said that after he did the math, Healthcare One's insurance plan just didn't make sense, so he said he called Healthcare One within a few days of signing up and told them he wanted to cancel his plan.

James said they told him he would get his money back within 90 days.

Well that was back in November and James said he still hasn't seen his first month's premium of $89.

James said Healthcare One even told him to be more aggressive.

"She informed me that the more I called, the squeaky wheel gets the grease," he said. "The more I called, the better chances I had of getting a payment. So I started calling every week."

But, all those calls got James nowhere, so he contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I want my money back, it's what they said! If a person tells me they're going to do something--do it!"

3 On Your Side contacted Healthcare One and when we did, they not only apologized but they also rushed James his $89 premium.

James said he's worked on getting a refund for nearly 6 months, but it took 3 On Your Side just a few days.

Not only did James get his $89 refund, but Healthcare One even gave him back his $50 registration fee which they didn't have to do, but they did, so thanks to them.