Wainscoting ideas

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Cape Cod Bead Board Wainscoting

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-Cape Cod Pro Choice Bead Board panels

-Baseboard and Chair Rail Kit with groove for panels

-Nail Gun

-Liquid Nails

-Stud finder



-Install the baseboard from the kit at the base of the wall

-Check it with a level and secure with Liquid Nails and nail gun

-Place panels into pre-made groove in the baseboard

-Fit panels together, tongue and groove system

-Cut panels at the end of the run to fit into a corner or at the end of a wall

-Secure panels also with Liquid Nails and/or nail gun

(Make sure to find the studs for the nail placement)

-Place Chair Rail on top of panels, fitting the panels into the pre-made ledge groove

-Attach chair Rail with Liquid Nails and nail gun into studs

-This product comes in Knotty Pine or Primed white ready for paint

-Paint or stain to your desired color or finish.

(This can be done before installation, then just fill nail holes and touch up.)

Galvanized Roofing Wainscoting


-Galvanized roofing

-Drill with screwdriver bit

-Tin Snips, metal cutting sheers

-Self tapping silver screws

-Stud finder


-1x4 Planks for Chair Rail

-Liquid nails and Nail gun



-Measure out the wall and Cut Galvanized roofing to desired height

-You may have to cut the last piece vertically at the corners or end of a run

-Locate the studs and attach the first piece of roofing to the wall into the stud

-Use the self tapping screws

-Overlap each piece by one or two grooves, overlap as needed to avoid cutting at the end

-Cut 1x4 material to desired sizes

-Stain or paint 1x4 material to desired color

-Attach to wall with Liquid Nails and Nail Gun into studs