3OYS inflatable pool alert

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- If you're looking to cool off this summer you might consider buying an inflatable pool.

They're cheap, easy to set up, and you can easily take them down when summer ends.

However, if you buy one of these pools you might find someone from the government knocking on your door.

"You want to go get the eggs, where are they?"said Priscilla Frost to her kids.

Frost likes for her kids to learn responsibility, like taking care of their chickens and collecting eggs.

And after all their chores are done, they usually spend the rest of the day in their inflatable pool.

Frost says they set up their pool every summer. In fact, they have home video from last season.
But this summer, Frost and her family won't be having so much fun. That's because as soon as they set up their pool near the front of their home, a Maricopa County inspector came knocking on their front door.

"She came up but she was very adamant saying take it down now.  And I was standing there with him and she said, 'Now!" said Frost.

The County Inspector threatened the family with a citation and said she would fine the family $750 every day if the pool was not taken down.

So Frost offered to move the pool to her backyard, but the county inspector once again objected saying that wasn't legal.

"Tell us what is legal.  Why are you selling these in the stores if we can't put them up?" Frost said.

It's a good question, especially since we saw similar pools set up throughout Frost's neighborhood.

So we checked with Maricopa County Planning and Development which regulates county islands like the one where Frost lives.

According to the agency, any pool that is 18 inches deep and 8 feet wide must have a 5 foot fence with a self latching gate around it.

Frost's fence is just 4 feet tall, which is too short and as a result, she had to deflate her pool which now remains an eye sore on the side of her home. Frost says it is a wake up call to other homeowners who are just looking for a little fun this summer.

"It's upsetting because we are living in a low income neighborhood.  We are doing the best we can for our kids."said Frost.

That 5 foot fence rule is pretty universal, but if you have any questions, contact the city or municipality that you live in.