Man with great credit says he's hounded by debt collection agency

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix man says he's being hounded by a debt collection agency for a debt he doesn't owe.

So, he contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

Louis Cannerelli says he's been hounded for months.

The phone calls come up to four times a week and Cannerelli says it's getting to the point where the calls are becoming harassment.

Cannerelli has something he is extremely proud of and it's rare.

"I have zero debt," he said.

Not only does he have zero debt, but his credit score is nearly 900.

"It's important because in the future if I want to buy a house I'll be able to get the best rate possible for anything," Cannerelli said.

So Cannerelli was concerned when he started getting phone calls from a collection agency called Allied Interstate that said the company was trying to collect on a debt.

"At first I thought maybe someone stole my identity so then when I got my credit report, I could see no one stole my identity because there's nothing negative on there," Cannerelli said.

And with a credit score of 876, Cannerelli says he shouldn't be getting collection calls at all.

"I have no reason to call," he said. "I don't have a debt and then my credit report is excellent so obviously I don't have identity theft so why are they calling me?"

Cannerelli says Allied Interstate has been calling and leaving him messages three times a week for the past two months and says the calls are now harassment.

"I want no part of it," Cannerelli said. "I want someone to look into it and find out what they're doing, if they're doing something illegal maybe."

3 On Your Side got involved and an Internet search of Allied Interstate revealed several different addresses in several different states and one address is in Chandler.

In fact, when 3 On Your Side went to the address, we discovered it's in the same building where a lot of Chandler's city government is located.

So, we went to the fifth floor where Allied Interstate is located.

During our visit we discovered Allied Interstate also goes by another name, Iqor.

We wanted to find out why they keep calling Cannerelli, but a woman who claimed to be with human resources ran into another office.

Later, she came back out.

"I have to ask you guys to leave," she told us.

And with that she went back to her office again.

Realizing we were not going to get any answers, we left, but we were escorted and followed down to the first floor by an employee.

As for Cannerelli, he says he wishes Allied Interstate, Iqor, and all related companies would stop harassing him with phone calls.

"I don't care if it's a dollar or $1,000, I don't owe them money," he said.

By the way, the debt collection agency did call us back from their New York headquarters.

After looking into the matter, they wrote me an e-mail saying they are taking Cannerelli off of their calling list and they won't be bothering him again.