Officer allegedly sends lewd photos to strangers

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MARICOPA - A police officer was fired after allegedly showing lewd pictures of himself to strangers.


Officer fired after sending lewd pics -'s Jared Dillingham reports a police office is fired after showing lewd photos of himself to strangers.

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3TV just got a stack of documents outlining the allegations against Officer Martice Berry. He is not being charged with any crimes, just conduct unbecoming of an officer and it is enough for the City of Maricopa to fire him.

Witnesses started coming forward over the last few months-claiming officer Berry was taking pictures of his genitals on his cell phone before sending them to women trying to convince them to have sex with him.

The Internal Affairs report says the officer's unprofessional behavior happened while on duty.

Investigators say Officer Berry hit on a number of women using his job to get dates, once while investigating a suicide and two other times at Maricopa City Hall.

The officer is also accused of harassing two married couples and hitting on a 16-year-old girl who he kissed at a gym.

When confronted with the allegations in June, Officer Berry denied them but his bosses thought he was lying and he has now been fired.

One of the investigating officers reports Officer Berry was found guilty of doing the same thing at his last law enforcement job in Michigan.