Property tax letter turns out to be scam

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PHOENIX -- 3 On Your Side has been flooded with e-mails and phone calls from viewers upset and confused over a letter.

The letter we're talking about resembles something you might get from the County Assessor's Office regarding your taxes. But do not be fooled.

"They definitely know how to make you open the envelope and I opened it right away," Rob Wilson said.

Wilson received what appeared to be a high priority letter in the mail recently.

"I got what appeared to be an envelope from our County Assessor's Office," Wilson said. "It said 'property tax information enclosed' so that's one you don't ignore."

And when Wilson opened that letter he was surprised.

"It says it can save me $2,000 on my property tax and that I've been over-assessed," he said.

But the more Wilson looked at the letter, which is from the Property Tax Review Board, the more concerned he became especially since he had to pay a $189 fee to get his taxes adjusted.

"The more of the fine print I read the more suspicious I became," he said.

And Wilson's not the only one with concerns. 3 On Your Side has received numerous e-mails from viewers getting the same letters.

"At your first glance it'll look like a very official form," said Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard.

Goddard said this letter is not from a government agency and this company can't really do anything to lower your property taxes.

"That's not what it does and we hope that anybody who gets this form will take a hard look at it and certainly not pay the fee," Goddard said.

Wilson is glad he read the fine print before dishing out any cash and hopes others won't fall for it either.

"My concern is they send a letter that looks just like your tax bill and it's going to affect some people who don't read the fine print and they're going to send $189 to someone who can't do anything for them," Wilson said.

To file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office, call 602-542-5763.