Burned puppy looking for new home

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PHOENIX - Late in June, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) was called to a house where a concerned citizen had found " Sonny", a little two-month old black Pit Bull puppy who had been roaming the streets of Phoenix. Sonny was more than just lost. He had horrible burns that covered his entire back.

"Maricopa County strives to assist all injured animals brought to their centers or found on the streets," said Board of Supervisors' Chairman Max Wilson. "It is the humane thing to do - to treat their wounds, make them comfortable and save their lives."< /p>

Saving severely injured animals can be quite taxing on MCACC staff. It takes a lot of time, people and resources to fix these poor, injured animals. Little Sonny spent a few weeks getting hydrotherapy and creams to help him heal. The clinic staff then spent some surgical time removing dead tissue on his little body.

Through all the treatments, Sonny lived up to his name. He was sweet even while in pain. He was ready with an enthusiastic greeting every time somebody came by his kennel. He gave wet, sloppy puppy kisses even while wearing a protective collar that kept him from licking his wounds.

Sonny will need a caring and patient family, someone who can deal with his puppy stages and be willing to take him through dog training classes. He is very smart and will need a dedicated owner. After what he's been through, Sonny will need to be a mainly inside dog. He will need nice long walks and lots of stimulating play to keep up with his high-energy level.

Due to the rough start he's had, MCACC wants to find Sonny the perfect home. If you are interested in Sonny, please send an email to or call 602-506-3471. We will be setting up interviews with potential families.

Many of MCACC's life-saving programs are funded through donations. For more information about how you can help MCACC and other animal like Sonny, please visit