Cabbie bites man with a gun trying to rob him

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CHANDLER - Police say someone tried to carjack a valley cab driver but he would not let them get away with it.


Cabbie bites would-be robber

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Cab driver Mwangi Gachi is still reeling after the person he was dropping off early Friday morning tried to rob him. Gachi explains, "He pull up the gun, and tell me bring all the money,"< /p>

But the Valley Crossroads cab driver was not giving up any of his fare. He explains, "I just grabbed the gun and his hand together, I tried to pull him under my seat so I can be able to handle him properly."

Then you will never believe what happened next. Gachi says, "I hit him three times on the face with head, I grab his ear, bite his ear hard so he cannot."

The suspect did fire off one shot.

Det. David Ramer, with Chandler Police, says, "He was fighting with cab driver, over control of weaponafter he bit the cab driver back, he gave up. Said 'I'm done."

The suspect, 29 year-old Matthew Mailhot will be facing armed robbery charges, once he is released from the hospital.